Alternate titles : Piranha

Tagline : "Lost River Lake was a thriving resort - until they discovered..."

PiranhasBack in the mid-90s, producer Roger Corman decided to remake a number of his old films for the US TV networks, one of which being his 1978 production "Piranha" as we see here. Retreading the story of the original, private investigator Maggie McNamera (played by Alexandra Paul, AKA the brunette girl from Baywatch) is hired to help find a young couple, who've gone missing up in the mountains.

Enlisting the help of local man Paul Grogan (played here by William Katt), they go off in search of them and come across an apparently deserted Army research facility, where they inadvertently end up dumping a load of genetically engineered Piranha into the local river.

Upon realising their error, after being confronted by an irate Dr Baines (Darleen Carr) who subsequently tries to steal their car, they head off down river hoping to raise the alarm before the carnivorous fish can do any real damage. Unfortunately, the local Sheriff doesn't believe them, and with the piranha on the loose, it looks like the newly opened "Lost River Resort" is going to have a memorable inaugural weekend.

If you've seen the original Joe Dante film, you'll know what to expect. There's a few minor changes here and there, as it seems the missing couple are related to the resorts owner in this, the Paul Grogan character is an environmental activist, as opposed to a former foundry worker, and we have the introduction of a corrupt state governor. But apart from that its essentially the same film, right down to the dialogue.

Being a TV movie, there isn't much gore to speak of, and being a remake has nothing really original about it which also seems to lack the dark humour of the original. That's not to say this is a total loss, it's not a bad movie by any means, with both Alexandra Paul and William Katt putting in decent enough performances and is certainly watchable. But given the choice, I'd say stick with the original.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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