Alternate titles : Piranha DD, Piranha 2.

Tagline : "Double the Action, Double the Terror, Double the D's."

Piranha 3DDThose nasty piranhas from the first film are back, but this time they're invading a water park, after the unscrupulous owner taps into an underground spring to save on his water bills.

Unawhere of the impending piranha menace, young Maddy (Danielle Panabaker), who co-owns the park, is more concerned that her step-father has replaced the life guards with strippers and is opening an "adult" themed section, to what was originallysupposed to be a family venue.

But it isn't too long before they realise there's something nasty in the water, when she and her friends are attacked by one of the pre-historic piranhas in the nearby lake and realising that the killer fish may travel up the inlet pipes into the water park, they try to stop its grand re-opening, only to find no one will listen to them.

Hilarity quickly ensues as the patrons at the park take to the water and the piranha proceed to chow down on them, producing some spectacularly gory scenes as the water park quickly becomes a blood bath. Like it's predecessor, there's also plenty of female flesh on show (this film isn't called "Piranha 3DD" for nothing), though perhaps the scene that stuck in my mind the most is where some poor unfortunate lad ends up with a piranha biting on one of the unmentionable parts of his body, that was just sooo wrong.

Directed by John Gulager, overall I really enjoyed this, though I will admit, that this was not as good as the original. BUT, it was still a damn good laugh. I liked the way Christopher Lloyd and Ving Rhames returned to reprise their earlier roles. Indeed, Rhames arguably manages to steal the film right at the end, and I also liked the way they got Gary Busey and the mighty David Hasselhoff in this to make guest appearances.

If you liked the previous film and you're able, pick up the 3D version of the film, definitely give it a go.

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