Alternate titles : Omen 4.

Tagline : "The terror continues".

Omen 4 : The AwakeningThe Producers of "The Omen" films obviously thought there was a bit more mileage to be had out of the series yet. So, some 10 years after the so-called "Final Conflict" came "Omen 4 : The Awakening", about another demonic child.

In this oft forgotten fourth instalment of the series, an American Politician (Michael Woods) and his wife Faye (Karen Grant) decide to adopt a young child. But it isn't too long before they realise young Delia isn't all she seems.

Kids at her school, who she doesn't get on with, start dieing in mysterious ways. A trip to a local fun fair turns into disaster, as the whole thing burns down and blows up around them after talking to a fortune teller (shouldn't they have seen that coming?), as well as the child minder getting pushed out of the window by Delia's pet Rottweiller (what is it with these creepy kids and Rottweillers?).

Hiring a private investigator (Michael Lerner) to find out who the child's parents really were, it turns out the girls father is none other than the late Damien Thorn. But no sooner has he disclosed this information, than he meets an untimely end with a wrecking ball after taking a short cut across a construction site.

Knowing what her adopted daughter is, will Faye actually stop her demonic child? And if this is set sometime after "Omen 3", what about the re-birth of Christ that supposed to have happened in that film, and why didn't we hear about Damien having another child somewhere else before now?

Originally made as a US TV movie and released direct-to-video elsewhere, "Omen 4" is essentially a reworking of the original and as such holds little interest to anyone other than die hard fans of the series. It's not terrible and I'd say it's worth a watch if you enjoyed the other films, but it's definitely the weakest in the series.

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