Alternate titles : The Omen 666

Tagline : "A New Generation of Terror"

The Omen (2006)Yet another classic horror remake, this 2006 update of the 1976 original essentially follows the same plot. This time we have Liev Schrieber playing a US diplomat living in the UK, echoing the role of Gregory Peck from the original, who is offered an orphaned child in place of his own, after his own child dies during childbirth.

As was the case with the original, as soon as he hits five, that's when the problems start. The Nanny hangs herself, a creepy Rottweiller dog starts hanging round the place and a very bizarre replacement Nanny, played here by Mia Farrow, comes to stay.

Noted British character actor Pete Postlethwaite turns up in the role of the local priest, who gives Damien's dad the bad news about what his son really is, before getting impaled on a church spire. Plus we have Julia Stiles in the role of the ill fated Mrs Thorn. But aside from the odd alternate method of killing, there's very little to distinguish this from the 1976 version and this is where I feel the film is let down.

Also, I felt that Damien (played by young Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick) wasn't sufficiently creepy enough. For some reason, he sports a bizarre looking 'basin' haircut throughout the film. I'm not sure why the Director thought this would make him look more menacing, as I thought it made him look like 'Mo' out of "The 3 Stooges", but anyways...

If you haven't seen the original versio,n then you'll probably enjoy this. However, if you are a fan of the original you may find this little more than a disappointing rehash. Whilst, admittedly, I did find the film to be watchable, it's not outstanding by any means.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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