Alternate titles : Howling 7 : New Moon Rising

Tagline : "Somewhere out there, a new terror is breeding."

Howling 7 : Mystery WomanWith few exceptions, pretty much all the Howling sequels have been stinkers. But the one that finally sunk the series (for a good many years anyway) was this disjointed mess, which is largely made up of clips from the previous films.

Taking place in a remote town out in the California desert, an Australian biker named Ted (played by the director Clive Turner) has come to look for work. But it seems that something else has also come to town, as people start to go missing and turning up horribly mangled.

A gruff detective (Ernest Kester) investigating the killings is intrigued when a local priest claims they have been carried out by a werewolf, and begins to relate several stories that attempt to (rather crassly) link several of the previous unrelated sequels, mainly parts 4, 5 and, to a lesser extent, part 6, together.

Ted immediately falls under suspicion, as he looks strangely similar to a couple of characters from the previous films, but with Marie Adams from part 4 and Marylou Summers from part 5 (Romy Windsor and Elizabeth She reprising their roles) also co-incidentally living nearby, have they got the right person?

Slow paced, boring, and suffering from a distinct lack of werewolf, 80mins of this 90min feature are unbelievably taken up showing the locals sat around the bar, making crass jokes, listening to country music and line dancing (YES, LINE DANCING!!!!). The 2 killings (yes TWO) that are actually shown are done as point of view shots from the creature, so you don't actually see it (as if we didn't know what it was already). When the wolf finally reveals itself at the end, it amounts to a cheap CGI tranistion of the person's face merging into a cheap, shop-bought Halloween werewolf mask.

Something of a confusing mess, in which you won't understand the flashback scenes, despite the narrators attempts at explanation, unless you've seen the previous films (and lets face it, who'd want to?) you'll probably want to forget about giving this sequel a try.

Overall Marks : 3/10.

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