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Tagline : "It's time to howl again."

Howling 6 : FreaksIn the drought stricken town of Canton Bluff, the carnival has arrived. However, this is no ordinary fun fair. It's proprietor R.B.Harker (British actor Bruce Payne type cast in his usual bad guy role) happens to run a freak show filled with bizarre human peculiarities.

Whilst some townsfolk question the freak shows ethics, the mayor is only too happy to see a new attraction pulling customers into town. Meanwhile though, a lone drifter named Ian (Brendan Hughes) has arrived hoping to see this freak show for himself. But he's also hiding a very dark secret, as at every full moon he undergoes a hideous transformation. That's right, poor Ian is a werewolf and when Harker finds out about this, he captures him for his show.

What Harker doesn't know though, is that Ian has an old score to settle with him. It turns out that his problem is down to some ancient curse that Harker put on his family many years earlier, and now they have allowed the wolf into the fold (so to speak) he intends on getting a little payback.

However, It would appear that Harker is not all he seems to be either. A fact that the townsfolk discover too late as he reveals his true self and an interesting punch up between him and the Werewolf Ian breaks out.

Definitely one of the better sequels, a lot of which is thanks to Bruce Payne's performance as the enigmatic Freak Show owner, this film is certainly one that Werewolf fans should seek out. Look out for Antonio Fargass, (ol' Huggy Bear from "Starsky & Hutch") who has a supporting role as one of the Freaks.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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