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Tagline : "A terrifying journey into the jaws of death."

Howling 4 : The Original NightmareMore like the UN-original nightmare. This time the plot revolves around a writer named Marie Adams (Romy Windsor), who after suffering a nervous breakdown decides to go off on Holiday with her husband Richard (Michael Weiss) to recover.

They decide to rent a cottage in a small country town named Drahko. However, soon after arriving, Marie is convinced that something is afoot in the old town. Strange howling noises at night, the appearance of strange wolf like creatures in the forest, not to mention the townsfolk's bizarre behaviour.

Richard tells her not to worry, as being in the country they're bound to get all sorts of wildlife roaming around. But Marie isn't so sure. After befriending another tourist named Janice (Susan Severeid) they do a bit of investigating into the towns history, whereupon they discover the dark secret it's citizens are harbouring. You guessed it, werewolves!!!!!

The story is basically a rehash of the original film, with a bizarre sub-plot about a ghostly nun and a medieval European town thrown into the mix. This is zero budget production, with z-grade actors has nothing really worthwhile at all to recommend it and, like parts 2-3, is best forgotten about. I can't believe director John Hough, who has given us some great and diverse features over the years (from Hammer horror films to Disney movies and everything in between) could be attached to such drivel.

Overall Marks : 3/10.

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