Alternate titles : Ghosthouse 4, Totentanz der Hexen 2

Tagline : "Seat joltingly disturbing"

House of WitchcraftFinal chapter of the "Houses of Doom" series (depending on whether you base this on order of production, or order of release), revolves around some chap named Luke (Andy J Forest), who's been having nightmares about a remote Italian villa, which is inhabited by some old witch, who is boiling a decapitated head in a cauldron, that looks just like him.

Having recently suffered a nervous breakdown, his oddly behaving wife Martha (Sonia Petrovna), decides to take him away to a country house for a weekend away, to forget his troubles. Only to find the place in question (predictably) resembles the villa from his nightmares.

To make matters worse, all sorts of ghostly goings on proceed to happen. Including vases shattering, ghostly winds blowing through the house, and Luke having strange visions of the witch from his nightmares attacking people with knives, shears and various sharp objects.

He is later joined the house's owner, his daughter and Luke's psychologist sister-in law, as they try to get to the bottom of things, but it looks like the Witch may be all too real.

Directed again by Umberto Lenzi, as with the other films in the series, this was rather slow and plodding, with long scenes where not much happens and no real likeable characters. There's a little bit of gore, but not too much and overall this was another bore. There was an interesting twist in the finale, but this was not enough to save the mediocre plot

As with the other films in this series, this is one for the morbidly curious only and another sad example of how the Italian horror industry was in terminal decline during the late 80s.

Overall Marks : 3/10.

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