Alternate titles : Ghosthouse 3

Tagline : None.

House of Lost SoulsA group of geology students are off to visit a site of interest (or something) in the Italian alps, but find the road up the mountain blocked by a landslide. Rather than turning round and going back to the nearby town, they decide to try their luck at a run down hotel, which is closed, but still has staff working there.

After convincing the creepy old guy on the front desk to let them stay, they bed down for the night, only for one of the girls in the group to start experiencing strange psychic visions, whilst weird stuff starts happening to her friends.

Ghostly TV shows appear on an unplugged TV set, one of them finds a bunch of dead bodies hanging up in the deep freeze, whilst another wakes up to find large tarantula spiders crawling on his face, only for them to disappear when his friends rush into the room and it seems there's no sign of all the other weird stuff either, when they go to investigate.

Despite this, they decide to stay for a second night, hoping the road will be cleared by the end of the weekend. But then, members of the group start to go missing and turning up horribly murdered by various ghostly apparitions, as they discover this is no ordinary "hotel".

Directed by Umberto Lenzi (of "Cannibal Ferox" infamy), as with the other films in the "Houses of Doom" series, this one was a bit of a slowie and typical of the sort of lacklustre films to come out of Italy in the late 80s.

As far as haunted hotel films go, it's most definitely NOT "The Shining" and was more akin to "Bloody New Year" (if you're familiar with that film) than the infinitely better "The Beyond". It's not particularly gory either, though the decapitation by tumble drier was kind of "interesting".

Again, only one for the morbidly curious.

Overall Marks : 3/10.

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