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Guinea Pig : Android of Notre DameA dwarf scientist is desperately looking for a way of saving his terminally ill sister. Getting his hands on the cadaver of a young girl, he proceeds to conduct a series of bizarre experiments on her body, which appears to involve fusing electrodes and machinery with live flesh and bodily organs.

When his experiments fail due to the body being too old, he subsequently dismembers a rival scientist, who's been trying to blackmail him, and brings his head back to life using his bio-mechanical implants.

Will his experiments hold the key to his sisters survival, or will the head get his revenge? Borrowing heavily from films like "Re-Animator" and "Deadly Friend" this is another one that can really only be recommended to fans of this particular genre.

Gory in places, though plotwise don't expect to see much other than a slowly decaying head wired with electrodes.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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