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Guinea Pig : He Never DiesArmed with a larger budget, the film makers decided to take the Guinea Pig series in a new direction. Ditching the snuff film theme of the previous movies and introducing a huge dash of black humour, this third entry revolves around a depressed office worker, who becomes so fraught after his girlfriend ditches him, he decides to commit suicide.

Having closeted himself in is apartment, he picks up a knife and cuts his wrists open. However, and despite the blood gushing out, death fails to arrive. Notwithstanding, he proceeds to cut open the veins in his neck but again, despite the blood loss, he still doesn't die.

Taking matters to the extreme, he invites his boss round to his flat where he proceeds to have fun freaking him out by hacking his own limbs off and disembowelling himself in front of him, which although severely freaks out his employer, STILL fails to bring his life to an end.

Is he a zombie? Will he eventually manage to end his life? If so, how much more of him will he have to cut off? Totally different in style from the previous films, playing more of a black comedy, this one is really only watchable for the gore.

As with the other films in the series, there's not much plot to speak of, but if you like campy gore fests you should enjoy this.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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