Alternate titles : Friday the 13th Part 9 : Jason Goes to Hell

Tagline : "Evil has finally found a home."

Jason Goes to Hell : The Final FridayThe Final Friday the 13th is here! (yeah, right, that's what they said about part 4). Jason is ambushed by the FBI at Crystal Lake, and quite literally blown to pieces by a Police SWAT unit.

With Jason apparently gone for good, the local townsfolk start to relax and a few people begin returning to the Crystal Lake area. But with Jason's body lying in pieces in their morgue, the police are then baffled by the disappearance of one of the morticians and another spate of mysterious killings taking place soon after.

Bounty Hunter Creighton Duke (played by a pre-X-files Steven Williams) knows what is happening and also knows the only way that Jason can be truly stopped for good (until the next film that is). But fans of the series will be in for a big disappointment, as despite the return of Kane Hodder as Jason, the actual character only appears in the film briefly, as it quicklu descends into a rip off of "The Hidden", in a farcical pot that owes more to "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" than "Friday the 13th".

Also starring John D LeMay, who appearing in the TV series, and US TV actress Erin Grey, I had expected much better than this dismal effort, and in many ways is a bigger turkey than Part 8. I can't say too much without spoiling the plot, but Jason's new "ability" which allows him to survive and carry on, following the film's intro, makes no sense what-so-ever and the ending is also exceptionally corny, which features another popular horror character. I won't say who, but he's pitched up against Jason in a future film (there's a clue for you).

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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