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Tagline : "Camp Crystal's Bloody Legacy"

Friday the 13th Part 3Set shortly after part 2, a group of teenagers decide to visit their family's old holiday home, "Higgins Haven", which is located somewhere further along the Crystal Lake shoreline.

Unfortunately for them, Jason (who now appears significantly different from part 2) is still prowling about, and after acquiring an Ice Hockey Mask from one of his victims, goes on another bloody rampage and proceeds to do away with the holidaying teens in much the same manner as before.

Heads are crushed, people are slashed with knives, hacked up with machetes, stabbed with red hot pokers, impaled on pitchforks and shot with harpoon guns in this entertaining and in some places, quite amusing, third entry into the series.

The film was originally released in 3D, to cash in on the short lived boom of 3D movies coming out in the early 80s (one remembers Jaws 3D and the appalling Amityville 3D). Which makes some of the scene's look rather peculiar now the 3D effects have been removed (unless you get the special edition US DVD), although the eye popping scene and the shot with the harpoon gun are quite interesting.

Whilst not the best in the series, it still delivers lots of good gory fun.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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