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Tagline : "The Bodycount Continues"

Friday the 13th Part 2Set five years on from the previous film, a new camp has opened up on the shores of Crystal Lake. Quite close to the old site, which now lies derilict and abandoned.

The counsellors seem relatively unconcerned about the history of the area, which unfortunately proves to be their undoing. As it seems the legends of Jason, the subject of the murders from the previous film, not being dead and prowling the area are indeed true.

Needless to say, it isn't long before the counsellors are being picked off with axes, machetes, knives and even garden forks, in the most gruesome of fashions by an unseen assailant in a burlap sack mask (Jason was yet to acquire his now legendary Hockey Mask).

Guess it's never wise to ignore the warnings of the local lunatic in a horror film!

A most worthy sequel, equally chilling and scary, with gore aplenty! It's actually interesting to see how the Jason character has changed over the course of the films, coming across here as more of a demented hillbilly, rather than the psychopathic zombie that he appears to be in the later films.

Definately worth a watch.

Overall Marks : 8/10.

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