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Children of the Corn 5 : Fields of TerrorAnother sequel in the series that doesn't do the Nebraskan tourist board any favours, this time the plot concerns a group of 4 friends who travel out to the small country town of Divinity Falls to bury the ashes of their friend Kurt.

Their car breaks down outside of town and so are forced to hike the rest of the way on foot. Expecting to meet up with some friends who were travelling ahead of them, they are surprised to learn they never arrived and nobody has seen them. Unable to find a tow truck and having missed the last bus out of town, one of them, Alison (Stacey Galina), decides to make use of the time by visiting her younger brother Jacob who lives nearby.

But she and her friends are alarmed to discover that he has been adopted by some religious loon named Luke Enright (played by David Carradine), who runs his entire farm using adopted children. The locals are extremely suspicious of Lucas intentions towards the children, and are non too sure about the strange religion they practice. But it is only when Alison and her friends arrive at the farm do we find out the shocking truth behind Enright's bizarre cult, and what happened to the missing friends.

The fun really begins when Sheriff Skaggs (Fred Williams) attempts to arrest Enright for child abuse, and the local fire department attempt to extinguish the mysterious fire in his old grain silos, only to come up against the full fury of their god "He who walks behind the rows", and we discover the REAL leader behind their bizarre religion.

Directed by Ethan Wiley, Fields of Terror is a great improvement over the previous sequels and should definitely appeal to fans of the original. David Carradine is aptly cast as the bizarre religious cult leader, and blaxploitation actor Fred Williams puts in a solid performance as the towns Sherriff. Also stars Alexis Arquette stars as Alison's boyfriend, and look out for horror veteran Kane Hodder (Jason from the later Friday the 13th sequels) in a guest appearance as a bartender.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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