Alternate titles : Children of the Corn 2 : Deadly Harvest

Tagline : "The ultimate adult nightmare"

Children of the Corn 2 : The Final SacrificeSet shortly after the events of part 1 (even though it was filmed some 8 years after the fact), the surviving children of Gatlin, the setting of the original film, are being taken into foster care at the nearby township of Hemingford, which is where news reporter John Garnett (Terrence Knox) has decided to visit in the hopes of scoring a big story about the recent events.

However, whilst John is pursuing his story, it would appear that some of the children aren't too willing to give up their old ways just yet. After finding a new leader among them, a young farm boy named Micah (Ryan Bollman) it isn't long before the children of Gatlin, along with a few new followers from Hemmingford, are up to their old tricks again.

Meanwhile John, who is being aided by a local university lecturer, has made a few interesting discoveries about the seemingly innocent town of Hemmingford. It turns out that they have been harvesting contaminated corn these past few years, which would have had serious consequences for anybody downwind. In particular, the nearby town of Gatlin. Could the children's neurotic behaviour be down to something as simple as exposure to corn toxins, or is there really something more sinister going on behind the cornstalks?

In either case, time is running out for John and the unsuspecting people of Hemmingford as the children rise up and prepare to pick up were Isaac left off. Sacrificing the blood of those they believe defiled the corn....

Whilst this may not be as good as the original, as far as 90's made-for-video sequels go, this isn't half bad. There is a hilarious death scene with an old woman & her electric wheelchair, involving a remote control and a 10 tonne truck (your mind can fill in the blanks) and the scenes with Christie Clark's character (the girl on the moped) were very diverting indeed (particularly the scene with the waterfall).

If you liked the original, give it a go.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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