Alternate titles : "Deadly Harvest", "Children of the Corn 4 : Murder Cult"

Tagline : "In a sleepy midwestern town... A horrifying evil is about to rise again! "

Children of the Corn 4 : The GatheringThere's more trouble brewing in the cornfields of Nebraska, this time for the townsfolk of Grand Island, as the children of the town fall under the influence of a ghostly boy preacher.

Medical student Grace Rhodes (played by a young Naiomi Watts), comes into town to help look after her younger brother and sister after their mother, June (Karen Black), develops an acute fear of open spaces.

Problems begin shortly after her arrival, when all the younger children in the town are suddenly struck down with a mysterious fever. The local doctor is unable to explain the epidemic, but even after it mysteriously clears up again the following day, they begin to suspect that something is still not quite right with the children, as they begin exhibiting strange behaviour.

It starts with them loosing teeth that they have fillings in. They then start refusing to be called by their proper names, as well as spouting pseudo-religious talk, and keep referring to a mysterious character named Josiah. Whilst Grace and Doctor Rob try and find out what has caused this strange behaviour in the children, other townsfolk start to go missing at an alarming rate, only to turn up hacked to pieces in loving detail.

Local legends persist about a boy preacher named Josiah, who was burned to death by an angry lynch mob after he murdered a couple of fellow preachers. But how could the children of Grand Island know about him, and who is the ghostly figure of a boy preacher that keeps appearing in the town?

Better than part 3, but obviously not as good as the original, this is an OK film as far as direct-to-video sequels go. There are some nice gore scenes but, as with the other sequels, there's not much in the way of riveting plot.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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