Alternate titles : Anaconda: The Offspring

Tagline : "A New Scale of Terror"

Anaconda 3 : OffspringYes, the mighty David Hasselhoff stars in this third outing, in which the unscrupulous Pharmaceutical firm from the previous film has managed to get it's hands on some of the Blood Orchids, which caused the anacondas to grow so large, and has been busy experimenting on some of them at their research facility.

Of course, things predictably go awry, the anacondas break out and proceed to go snacking on some of the locals (cue scenes of badly rendered giant CGI snakes devouring farmers and their livestock). So, they call in a group of mercenaries, headed up by the Mighty Hoff himself, to go hunt them down and stop them.

Taking with them one of the scientists from the facilty (Crystal Allen), who seems to have been brought along solely to provide the male viewers with some eye candy to look at (not that I'm complaining). Carnage subsequently ensues, as the giant snakes continually outwit the hunters at every turn and proceed to chow down on them.

Originally made for the sci-fi channel, this is actually quite a fun film as far as low-budget direct to DVD sequels go. Yes the CGI is rather cheesy, yes the plot is all rather predictable, yes it's exactly what you would expect from a film of this nature. But there's some fun action scenes, some funnier death scenes and quite good cast, which not only includes the aformentioned David Hasselhoff as the lead hunter, but John Rhys-Davis as the company Boss.

Crystal Allen, who plays lead scientist Amanda Hayes, was certainly very easy on the eye and proved quite a formidable arse-kicker during the film's finale as well!

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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