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Tagline : "When you can't breathe, you can't scream."

AnacondaA documentary film crew, headed up by singer and occaisional actress Jennifer Lopez, hire a boat to take them into the Amazon basin to do a film about some remote native tribe. Along the way, they pick up a stranded hunter, played by John Voight (sporting a dodgy pony tail and a questionable Latin American accent) who tags along claiming he knows where they can find the tribe they're looking for.

But when one of them is taken ill and they are forced to head back, taking a shorter route proves disasterous, as the boat becomes stuck and they then find themselves being attacked by a larger than life anaconda, that proceeds to chow down on the surplus members of the crew.

However, it seems our resident hunter has been after this giant reptile for a while and having wrested control of their boat, the film crew find themselves as pawns in his plan to capture the beast. Even if it means sacrificing every last one of them!

Boasting an interesting cast, which includes Owen Wilson, Kari Wuhr, Eric Stoltz and rapper Ice Cube, this is actually quite a fun monster movie. Whilst the giant snake looks kind of cheesy, alternating between a rubber prop and cheap CGI animation, this actually adds to the charm of the film and is definitely worth a watch.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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