Alternate titles : Anaconda 2

Tagline : "The Hunters will become the Hunted"

Anaconda : The Hunt for the Blood OrchidDirect-to-video sequels to films that perhaps didn't do so well at the cinema, but faired extremely well on home video, are nothing new. But what was interesting about this 2004 follow up to the earlier 1997 "Anaconda" film was that it was actually released to cinemas. So, some 7 years after the original, we have a sequel that no one expected and no one really asked for at our multi-plexes.

A pharmaceutical firm sends a group of explorers into the jungles of Borneo, looking for a rare tropical plant known as the Blood Orchid. The plant apparently contains extracts that can hold back cellular degeneration and they are willing to pay top dollar for this.

Unfortunately, they discover that navigating the flooded rivers during the rainy seasons is somewhat haphazard, as their boat subsequently tumbles down a waterfall and the survivors find themselves being stalked by some rather large, not to mention hungry, giant Anacondas as they try to hike back to safety.

To make matters worse, one of the group will do ANYTHING to get his hands on the blood orchid, even if it means abandoning the others to the mercy of the Anacondas in his quest to get rich.

A fairly entertaining action/horror, with some fun scenes of people getting devoured and some laughable CGI. Unlike the previous film though, there are no really recognisable actors in this (unless you count Aussie TV actor Andy Anderson who makes a breif appearance). But quibbles aside, if you enjoyed the first film, you should enjoy this as it is quite good fun.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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