Tag Line : Trash and Chaossss!!!!

Wild ZeroWhen guitar player Ace (Masashi Endo) blunders into the managers office at a rock concert, he inadvertently saves his favourite band Guitar Wolf (played by the Japanese punk band of the same name), who were being held at gunpoint by the manager.

As a token of gratitude, the lead singer makes Ace his honorary blood brother and tells him to call them if ever he's in trouble. As it just so happens, trouble is just around the next corner. A meteorite has crashed just outside of town, the radiation of which has brought the dead back to life and now the flesh hungry ghouls are everywhere.

Having saved a young petrol station assistant, who he immediately falls in love with, and hooking up with another escaping couple and female arms dealer who spends most of the film semi-dressed, they attempt to fend off the undead with the help of Guitar Wolf who come storming in with guns blazing and guitars thrashing!

An extremely bizarre and trashy, chaotic piece of horror-comedy, featuring zombies, alien invaders, gun fights, blood and guts, exploding heads and a kicking punk rock soundtrack by Guitar Wolf themselves. This is an extremely enjoyable farce that has all the makings of becoming a cult classic. Mainstream horror fans may fail to appreciate the absurdity of it all, but I'm sure fans of Eastern films will love it!

Overall Marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "This is Rock 'n' Roll JET-Movie", "Thrill, Speed and Stupid Zombies", "The great psycho of them all!", "Brutality of screen!!!".

  • This was director Tetsuro Takeuchi's first, and to date, only feature film. He has apparently directed over 150 music videos in his native Japan, which has lead to him being nicknamed "MTV man".

  • Japanese punk band "Guitar Wolf" have been on the go since the 1980's and have recorded some 9 albums together, as well as having released some several compilation albums and two movie soundtracks. One of course being "Wild Zero", the other being the 1997 film "The Sore Losers" in which they also starred.

  • Masachi Endo also played Shun'ichi in the film "All Night Long 2".

  • Director Tetsuro Takeuchi apparently got the job as he lives next door to Guitar Wolf's lead singer (who is rather confusingly also called Guitar Wolf).

  • The film took 3 weeks to shoot and was filmed on location in Thailand, rather than Japan which is where it's supposedly set. This was done apparently because the director likes Thai food?????

  • The biggest expenditure of the films budget was keeping the band supplied with beer, as they reportedly spent the entire shoot completely drunk.

  • The zombies were played by the military staff and families from the nearby Army base they were filming next to.

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