Hiruko the Goblin

AKA: Yokai Hanta - Hiruko

Tag Line : Slam the door shut!

Hiruko the GoblinYoung Masao (Masaki Kudou) is busy enjoying the school holidays with his friends, when his father goes missing during an archaeological dig at a site near the school. Shortly afterwards, his father’s former assistant Hieda Reijirou (Kenji Sawada) turns up claiming that the site his father was excavating was in fact a gateway to hell, the other side of which being populated with evil goblins who want to take over the world.

Of course, Masao doesn’t believe him and thinks he’s a crackpot. That is until they come face to face with “Hiruko”, a spider-like creature who turns out to be one of the evil Goblins who's escaped from the other side and is busy trying to re-open the hell gates so that his kind can roam the earth.

Loading up with an arsenal of home made weapons, including a “goblin detector", special bug spray and cattle prod, Masao and Hieda hook up with the gun-toting school caretaker as they attempt to hunt down the evil goblin, who’s busy decapitating people, before it can re-open the hell gates.

Packed with numerous slapstick running battles and decapitations, this is a great, gory, tongue-in-cheek action pic which is very much akin to those “Evil Dead” movies. This was directed by the same guy who did “Tetsuo : The Iron Man”, which is a bit of a shock considering how different in style this is. But anyway, if you love Eastern films, you should seriously check this out.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Director Shinya Tsukamoto also directed the cult Japanese films "Tetsuo : The Iron Man" and "Tetsuo 2 : Body Hammer" as well as scripting the cult film "Tokyo Fist".

  • The goblin creatures were based on the "Spiderhead" monster from John Carpenter's "The Thing".

  • The POV shots showing the Goblin creature running through the school halls appear to be inspired from "The Evil Dead".

  • Naoto Takenaka, who plays Masao's father, also appeared in Shinya Tsukamoto's "Tokyo Fist".

  • This was the directors first major big budget motion picture, which he got after film execs liked his previous film "Tetsuo : The Iron Man".

  • Director Tsukamoto is also a prominent actor in Japanese cinema, in fact his acting roles outnumber his directorial features. His most prominent role is probably that of JiJii in the film "Ichi the Killer".

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