Junk title

AKA: Junk: Shiryo-gari

Tag line : The Dead will devour the living

JunkBorrowing ideas rather heavily from other zombie films, comes Japanese director Atsushi Moroga's "Junk". A tale of the undead running amok amongst a secret government research laboratory.

Set in Japan, the film starts off with a "Reservoir Dogs" style robbery at a high class jewellers shop. Having fled the scene with the loot, the gangsters hide out at an apparently disused industrial complex whilst they await the arrival of their Yakuza employers.

Matters go sour however when an argument breaks out between the gangsters and the Yakuza, and subsequently erupts into a violent shootout. However, what neither side realises though is that the old complex is in fact hiding a top secret government research facility, which is run by the US Military, and some of their bio-weapons experiments (ie zombies) have broken loose, killed the scientists and are wondering around the complex quite freely.

As the dust settles from the gunfire, the survivors from both sides are shocked to discover they've been surrounded by a large number of hideously deformed people, which don't seem to be adversely affected by gunfire. Thus setting the scene for a series of rather gory pitched battles.

Fortunately, the army have realised something's gone wrong at the complex and have despatched a small, heavily armed squad to pacify the place. But can they survive long enough for help to arrive?

Action packed and full of gore, this is a zombie lovers delight. Horror fans will note the obvious references to other genre films, including Re-Animator, Zombie Flesh-Eaters The Beyond and even Zombi 3. Definitely must see viewing for anybody who's fed up with modern day Hollywood tat.

Overall marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Everybody fights", "Fight or die", "Dead evil hunting".

  • The green "DNX" liquid the scientists use to reactivate the zombies was a nod to the film "Re-Animator", which also used a glowing green/yellow liquid to re-animate the dead.

  • Available in the US in both a cut R-rated version, which misses out 7s showing a zombie getting his brains blown out, and in a fully uncut unrated version.

  • The intro scene was inspired by the (rarely seen) pre-credits intro from Fulci's/Mattei's Zombi 3. In fact the films soundtrack sounds suspiciously similar to Stefano Mainnetti's original film score.

  • A heavily cut and a fully uncut version has been released in Germany.

  • The jewellery heist scene appears to be inspired by the film "City on Fire", which is the same film Quentin Tarantino based "Reservoir Dogs" on.

  • The UK release on the "Eastern Cult Cinema" label is of the full uncut version.

  • Director Atsushi Muroga also directed the 1996 Japanese gangster movie "Score".

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