Alternate titles : Zombie 3

Tagline : "The Hand Returns".

Zombie Flesh-Eaters 2An in-name only sequel to Zombie Flesh-Eaters, best known as "Zombie 3" internationally (remember Zombie Flesh-Eaters was released as Zombie 2 in Italy) which was (mostly) directed by Lucio Fulci. But don't expect more of the same.

Set somewhere (presumably) in the Phillapines, a group of terrorists trigger a zombie outbreak following a botched attempt at stealing a bacteriological weapon from a US Army research facilty. Why have the US Army got a bio-weapons facility in the Phillipines? Well, who knows...

Spreading the infection to a nearby hotel, the military arrive soonafter to quarantine the building, but make the mistake of burning the infected bodies, which is where the film quickly goes downhill. As the smoke from the cremation infects a bunch of birds, which attack a group of people, turning them into zombies and the film descends into a poor man's "Return of the Living Dead" (which even includes the line "I'm thirsty for your brains").

As the military struggle to contain the outbreak, a group of US soldiers on leave from their barracks get trapped in the contaminated area along with a group of young girls in their camper van and find themselves fighting a series of running battles with the undead on one side and the army's anti-contamination squad on the other.

Not sure if you followed any of that, but anyway. Whilst this could have been an interesting film, it just seemed to get progressively worse the more it went on. Zombie birds, flying zombie heads, kung-fu zombies, zombie radio DJ's, and to top it all off, zombie babies that come bursting out of their mothers.

Also, there seems to be a lack of consistency with these zombies, as you don't have to shoot them in the head to kill them and whilst a lot of the zombies are your standard slow moving type, a lot of them can actually move quite fast (checkout the scene at the deserted petrol station which was sped up and looked like a fight scene from a "Carry On..." film)

Surprisingly, Lucio Fulci initially was onboard to direct, but had to bow out half way through due to ill health. So the rest of the film was completed by Bruno Mattei of Zombie Creeping Flesh infamy. So you know what you're in for and as a result, I can really only recommend this to die hard zombie film fans. Mainstream horror fans would be best avoiding it.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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