Alternate titles : Lost in Time

Tagline : "A Killer is waiting in the past, present and future."

Waxwork 2 : Lost in TimePicking up from the end of the last film, Mark and Sarah (Zach Galligan returning as Mark, but with Monika Schnarre playing Sarah this time) escape the waxworks, only to end up doing battle with another series of characters from horror folk lore.

With no one believing their story about what happened at the Waxworks, they head back to the home of occult expert Sir Wilfred (Patrick MacNee's character from the previous film) only to get sucked into a time portal after messing around with some of his artefacts.

There they discover that many of the stories that horror films are based on are all too real as they end up jumping between different times and dimensions, confronting the likes of Frankenstein and his monsters, as well as Aliens, Zombies, Jack the Ripper and various other movie monsters.

Originally released in the UK as "Lost in Time" and marketed, rather bizarrely, as a standalone film (which must have been rather confusing for those not familiar with the original), if you liked "Waxwork", you should enjoy this, which is hugely tongue in cheek and also pokes fun at various horror films, like "Dawn of the Dead", "Nosferatu" and "Man in the Iron Mask" (can that be considered a horror?).

The humour is a bit more slapstick this time, but is still bloody good fun and like the last film features a good supporting cast, including Bruce Campbell, David Carradine, George 'Buck' Flower and former Spandau Ballet bass player, turned actor, Martin Kemp in one of his earlier roles (Patrick MacNee also briefly reprises his role).

Definitely one for fans of the original and people who like cheeky homage's to classic horror movies.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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