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Tagline : "More Fun than a Barrel Full of Mummies"

WaxworkA group of teens are invited to a special midnight opening of a new wax museum, that's just opened up in a small suburban neighbourhood. Welcomed inside by it's enigmatic curator (played by British actor David Warner) they find the sculptures are depictions from classic horror movies.

Unfortunately, when they go in for a closer look, the people in the group find themselves quite literally drawn into the very realistic scenarios as depicted in the museum and find themselves having to battle Werewolves, Vampires, Mummies, Zombies and various other characters from horror folklore.

Realising something isn't right, Mark (Zach Galligan) and his girlfriend Sarah (Deborah Foreman) decide to leave, but are concerned to find their friends are nowhere to be seen, and haven't returned home. The police prove to be no help, but realising something sinister is going on, as some of the new waxworks bear striking resemblances to their missing friends, Mark goes to see one of his grandfather's friends, Sir Wilfred (Patrick MacNee), an occult expert, who suspects that the waxworks are in fact real and their friends were offered as "sacrifices".

Heading back to the waxworks for some answers, Mark and Sarah soon find themselves having to battle all manner of horror characters, as the waxworks finally leave their exhibits and go on the rampage, just as the wheelchair bound Sir Wilfred, along with the other people from his group, burst into the waxworks to rescue them, leading to a hilarious final battle.

Filmed in a similar style to those old horror anthology films from the 60s/70s, but with each segment featuring the lead cast battling a classic movie monster this movie really was terrific fun. I will admit though, that when I first saw it on video back when I was 16 I didn't enjoy it as much, as I didn't get the humour or horror references, but now I'm older and a bit more seasoned I really love this film and can appreciate the humour.

If you love older horror movies, you'll love this extremely tongue in cheek homage, which also features a surprisingly good cast.

Overall Marks : 7/10.

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