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Tagline : "He'll take your soul...if you let him."

Warlock 3 : The End of InnocenceNew story, new warlock. College student Kris Miller (Ashley Lawrence) is surprised to find she's inherited a 16th century mansion from a long lost relative. The local council have condemned the building and so have asked her to remove any property she wishes to keep before it's torn down.

So, Kris and her college chums decide to spend the weekend at the old mansion, however things take a turn for the worse when a mysterious stranger named Philip Covington (Bruce Payne) calls round, expressing an interest in the property.

But, it turn out this stranger is actually an evil warlock and the house had apparently belonged to him several centuries earlier. His real interest is claiming Kris as his eternal bride of darkness, something that he had been prevented from doing by one of her ancestors centuries beforehand.

Soonafter his arrival, strange things start to happen to Kris's friends as the Warlock casts his spells over them. One of them, Robin (Boti Ann Bliss), is actually a witch herself and so tries to warn her friends and stop him. But alas to no avail!!!

In the end, Kris is forced to fend off the warlock single-handedly in a final battle that takes place in some weird chamber beneath the mansion. I won't spoil the ending, but there's no prizes for guessing who the victor is! Whilst Bruce Payne does a respectable job at portraying the wicked warlock, as far as sequels go, this is definitely the worst in the Warlock series and I'm sure fans of the original will be disappointed.

The thin cliche'd plot, which seems to borrow elements from The Beyond, and several other horror films (even including a typical loony character warning the cast not to go to the house), is rather predictable and the casting of thirty-something actors in the roles of college students who are meant to be in their early twenties is rather obvious. I should add that the film isn't a total loss, but I would suggest renting as opposed to buying.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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