Alternate titles : Warlock 2 : The Armageddon

Tagline : "The Son of Satan is raising Hell"

Warlock 2 : The ArmageddonThe Warlock is back raising hell once again, in this low-budget sequel by director Anthony Hickox. The Warlock is reborn when an unsuspecting young girl suddenly gives birth to an evil blob of black goo. From which, Julian Sands quite literally pops up from, to reprise his role as the wicked warlock.

This time he has to obtain 6 rune stones to enable him to open the gates to hell, which can only be done during an upcoming solar eclipse, and so carves a trail of destruction as he travels across the country. Dropping fashion designers through skylights, imprisoning carnival owners in mirrors, and turning company executives into works of art, as he relieves the rune stones from their possession.

But, the last two rune stones are held by the small group of druids, who live in a small mid-western town out in the country. Knowing the Warlock is on his way, their only defence is to train two of their kind as warriors, and so the scene is set for a final showdown, as two of their teenage children Kenny (Chris Young) and Samantha (Paula Marshall) attempt to prevent the evil warlock from obtaining the rune stones and opening the hell gate.

Julian Sands is as menacing as ever, and there are some truly great gags such as where a prostitute asks him "You would tell me if my hair looked a mess would you?" and so he pulls her hair off, shows it too her and replies "See for yourself". But the film sadly lacks the charm and mysticism of the first, and the special effects look terrible even by early 90's standards.

To sum up I would say that the film is quite entertaining, but unfortunately is nowhere near as good as the original. Fans of the first will probably be disappointed, but at least Sands character is as evil and menacing as ever.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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