Alternate titles : "Per Sempre", "Back from Hell", "The Inn of Revenge", "The Changeling 2".

Tagline : "A Dead Man Returns..."

Until DeathLinda (Gioia Scola) is a young woman, who manages a small restaurant/hotel in rural Italy, along with her boyfriend Carlo (David Brandon), who she started seeing after her husband walked out on her and their child several years ago.

But what the locals don't know is, she and Carlo actually murdered him, after she became fed up with his abusive behaviour, then dumped his body in a shallow grave in some remote woodlands.

Since then though, their relationship has soured and started bordering on abusiveness itself. Matters are not helped when a mysterious stranger named Marco (Urbano Barberini) rents a room at their hotel, who sparks up an immediate friendship with Linda and seems to know an awful lot about her ex husband, which pushes their strained relationship even further.

Then when jewellery and various artefacts that had been buried with her husband mysteriously turn up at the hotel, they begin to wonder if this stranger might be an undercover cop trying to scare a confession out of them. But with her young son having bizarre dreams about his missing father coming back as a zombie and Linda and Carlo having hyper realistic flashbacks about the night in question, could it be that supernatural elements are at work?

A kind-of remake of "The Postman Always Rings Twice", this was yet another average Italian horror from the late 80s, when interest in Italian horrors were on the wane. There's some good photography, particularly during the intro, where they're burying the body, but the main plot itself was decidedly mediocre.

Can only really be recommended to die hard lovers of Italian horror films as there is little to attract the casual horror fan.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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