Alternate titles : "Inside the Cemetery", "One Night in the Cemetery".

Tagline : "From the Director of "Demons" comes the next chilling experience ."

Graveyard DisturbanceA group of teenagers travelling round rural Italy and getting up to no good in their van, break down on some remote backroad, next to a decrepit old cemetery.

Not thrilled about spending the night sleeping amongst the tombstones, when one of them notices what looks like a bar in one of the old crypts, opening up across the other side of the graveyard. They decide to check it out, figuring that spending an evening there is preferable to roughing it in the cemetery.

Somewhat perplexed that the place resembles a medieval tavern, albeit one adorned by neon signs, and a TV above the bar playing horror movies, when the creepy bar tender tells them about a challenge in which they can win a literal pot of gold, they decide to take him up on it, being how low on funds they are. The only problem is, it involves spending the night in the catacombs beneath the cemetery (you can see where this is heading).

Needless to say, no sooner are they locked in the tunnels below, they find themselves being set about by zombies, vampires and other supernatural things, in a farcical slapstick manner. As they wander around aimlessly, trying to find another way out.

Filmed as part of a mini-series of horror films entitled "Brivido Giallo" for Italian TV, I think they were trying to ape "Return of the Living Dead" (1985), but fails miserably. The humour seemed terribly out of place and was just kind of goofy, whilst the plot was fairly nonsensical on the whole. I will admit the scene where a zombie decides to grope a female corpse, only for it to come alive and give him a slap was kind of funny, but overall the film was just rather lame.

Whilst I've seen worse films, this can only be recommended to people who like watching trashy Italian films.

Overall Marks : 4/10.

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