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Tag line : Sisters in Life and Death.

Sorority RowFilmed to cash in on the slew of remakes coming out of Hollywood during the 2000s, this updated version of the 1983 film “House on Sorority Row” centres around group of college girls, who decide to play a joke on one of their roommates ex-boyfriends during a party at their sorority house.

Unfortunately the prank goes horribly wrong and results in the death of their friend Megan. Concerned that this will affect their futures, they panic and decide to cover up the accident by dumping the body down a disused mineshaft. However, one year later, just as they’re preparing to graduate, each of the girls receives a mysterious text message apparently from their deceased friend.

Suspicion falls upon the ex-boyfriend who they think is playing a sick prank on them, but as their final leaving party gets into full swing, it seems that someone dressed in a graduation gown is determined to make each one of them and their partners pay for their former misdeeds.

Whilst the film is by no means original, being not only a partial remake to "House on Sorority Row", but also borrowing heavily from other slasher movies of its ilk, it still features some inventive kill scenes. It was also kind of fun to see Carrie Fisher appearing in this as the hard nosed, shotgun toting, house mistress, Miss Crenshaw, although I think its safe to say her days of wearing those skimpy metal bikinis are now well and truly over.

Whilst I doubt the film will stand the test of time and prove to be particularly notable in a few years, it's still an entertaining enough horror film, which I feel is worth a watch. If you're a fan of teen slasher movies, then you'll undoubtedly enjoy this. Fans of the original will probably want to check this out just to compare it.

Overall Marks 5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • The bird-shaped cane, being used by one of the girls as a weapon, was a replica of the one used by Mrs Slater in the original movie.

  • The films budget was $16,000,000

  • Executive producer Mark Rosman was the writer and director of the original film.

  • Leah Pipes, who played Jessica, originally auditioned for the role of Ellie.

  • The film was originally going to be released early October 2009, but they brought the release date forward to mid September, so's not to clash with Halloween and Zombieland, which were being released at the same time.

  • UK censors the BBFC were originally going to classify the film as an 18. However, after the distributors asked them to reconsider, in an extremely rare move, they passed it uncut with a 15 certificate.

  • The name of the college in the script was "Rosman" college, which was named after Mark Rosman, the writer and producer of the original film, and the executive producer of this one.

  • The building used as for the college exterior during the graduation scene was actually the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Museum, which is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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