Alternate titles : Stab in the Dark.

Tagline : "It's Driller Time and This Bit's for You!"

Slumber Party Massacre 3The previous film, "Slumber Party Massacre 2", may have had its faults, but it had proven to be a huge success on home video, and was actually one of the highest grossing films that Roger Corman's new production company had released to date.

So, deciding a third film was in order, he decided to do what had worked so well before and hire a female director and writer, namely Sally Mattison and Catherine Cyran respectively, to come up with a script and produce the film.

Ignoring the previous movies, a group of girls and their respective boyfriends are having an all night party at one of their houses whilst their parents are away. Unfortunately, someone happens to be prowling around outside, and it isn't too long before the bodies begin to pile up.

Seems there's another killer on the loose, who enjoys carving people up with a large industrial drill, as the nubile youngsters proceed to get butchered in a suitably gory fashion. Suspicion immediately falls on the local weirdo, who was spying on the girls at the beach and was spotted hanging around earlier. But it turns out he's not the only one who's been watching them, as it seems the eccentric neighbour with a high power telescope has been gazing at more than just stars.

As with the previous films, there's some nice gory scenes, along with the obligatory scenes of female nudity, which we've come to expect from these. But essentially though, the movie is basically just a retread of the first, with a few plot twists thrown in.

There are however some noticeable differences between this and the others, in that the identity of the killer isn't revealed until later on in the film, plus the industrial power drill isn't his only weapon, as there are some other inventive murders including death by a chainsaw, death by wooden stake, death by vibrator (no, SERIOUSLY) and even death by a "For Sale" sign.

Gone also is the dark humour of the previous movies, in favour of the straight forward approach and overall I would say this is a decent enough follow up. Perhaps not as good as the original, but it manages to keep the viewer entertained. So if you liked the other films, then you should enjoy this.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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