Alternate titles : Slumber Party Massacre: The Sequel.

Tagline : "The Party Begins When the Lights Go Out!"

Slumber Party Massacre 2The popularity of slasher movies was generally on the wane during the late 80s (with the exception of the "Elm Street" films). But the home video boom was still in full swing and as the original "Slumber Party Massacre" had been extremely profitable. Producer Roger Corman, wanting to turn a fast buck, decided to make a sequel, .

Hiring newcomer Deborah Brock to write and direct, the film picks up several years after the original, in which young Courtney Bates (Crystal Bernard), who is the younger sister of one of the survivors of the original massacre, is going away to a friends house with her band mates, for a weekend of partying and band practice.

However, she keeps getting these strange dreams about some old rocker, dressed in 1950s leathers, attacking people with a giant guitar, which has a rotating drill bit built into the neck. Unfortunately it seems these are more than just dreams, as this demonic rocker from hell later shows up at the house and starts to carve people up with his guitar's drill attachment, to the tune of 1950s Rock-N-Roll tracks.

Once again, there's plenty of power tool murders and plenty of female flesh on show. Though the plot is a bit all-over-the-place, as its never really explained who this 50s rocker is, how he appeared there, or why he targeted these girls. There's a twist in the ending that will probably confuse the viewers as to what actually happened, and I also couldn't help but notice similarities between this and the "Nightmare on Elm Street" films (IE, killer from a dream turning up in reality) and cult 80s movie "Trick or Treat" (about a dead rocker returning from the dead to raise hell).

The film is also less gory than its predecessor, relying more heavily on the comic aspects of the plot (which was obviously lost on the UK censors, who subsequently banned it). But putting these criticisms aside, this is still a fairly entertaining sequel and one that I certainly enjoyed, on a pure entertainment level at least anyway. So if you enjoyed the original or your a fan of campy horror comedies, then you should also enjoy this.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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