Alternate titles : 100 000 Volts of Terror.

Tagline : "Mass murderer Horace pinker was put to death. Then he really got mad."

ShockerAfter a series of rather naff films (IE, "Deadly Friend", "Chiller" and "Hills Have Eyes 2"), Director Wes Craven got back on track with this rather enjoyable supernatural slasher.

A brutal serial killer has been stalking the otherwise peaceful LA suburbs, killing entire families in their homes, and yet leaving no trace, or clue to his identity. At the same time, high school student Jonathon Parker (Peter Berg from TV's "Chicago Hope") is being troubled with nightmares about the killer. He thinks nothing of it at first, until he realises that the murders are taking place exactly how he sees them in his dreams.

With Jonathon's foresight the police manage to track down the killer, a TV repairman named Horace Pinker (played by a pre X-Files Mitch Pilleggi), to his hideout and apprehend him. Subsequently sentenced to death by electric chair, Jonathon and the police believe Pinker's reign of terror to be over. But of course, a determined killer never lets a minor detail like death stop him, and fairly soon the killings start again.

It turns out that Horace can now leap into other peoples bodies and continue his work, leading to some highly amusing scenes in a public park when the foul mouthed killer leaps into the body of a young girl. Not only this, but he can also move in and out of electrical systems. Improbable perhaps, but in filmic terms it's bloody good fun. Anyway, determined to stop Pinker once and for all, Jonathon attempts to trap Pinker in his old family home, leading to a hilarious final confrontation when they both end up diving into the televison and running amok through the various channels.

A good blend of horror and dark humour along with a kicking hard rock soundtrack, make this a thoroughly enjoyable film. X-Files fans will undoubtedly be interested to see Mitch Pilleggi playing a foul mouthed bad guy for once. Look out for Ted Raimi (from "Xena"), Heather Langenkamp (from "Nightmare on Elm Street") and rock guitarist Kane Roberts, who all make guest appearances.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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