Alternate titles : Basement of Fear.

Tagline : "In every neighbourhood there is one house that people whisper about."

The People Under the StairsAnother fun filled outing from Director Wes Craven. This story revolves around a 13 year old boy from the ghetto nick-named "Fool" (Brandon Adams), who is facing some serious problems. His family is being evicted from their home, they have no money, their father is long gone and their mother is seriously ill.

Unhappy with the prospect of living life on the streets, he accepts an offer from his older brother-in-law Leroy (Ving Rhames) to help him and his friend rip off the house of their greedy landlords, who live in a wealthy suburban neighbourhood.

Breaking in, they subsequently find themselves unable to get back out again, as the occupants return home and all hell breaks loose. As "Mum" (Wendy Robie) sets the pet Rotweiller after them and "Dad" (Everitt McGill) grabs his Desert Eagle handgun and starts chasing them round the house.

Alone and trapped, young "Fool" takes refuge inside the house's maze of crawl spaces and wall cavities, where he makes a shocking discovery about what the psychopathic couple have been keeping in their basement. As well as discovering they have a "daughter" (A.J. Langer), who attempts to help him break out of the house.

He's also aided by another trapped person, nick named "Roach" (Sean Whalen), who's been giving "Mum" and "Dad" the runaround. However, getting out proves no easy task, as they end up having to dodge endless booby traps, the rather unfriendly pet dog, and not to mention the shotgun toting "father" who's running around the house in full bondage gear.

An extremely enjoyable and fun film, which plays like an extremely violent version of "Home Alone". Sure, the plot may have a few holes in it, and the violence may be a bit slapstick but it's bloody good fun. If you like 80's horror, this ones a blast.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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