Alternate titles : Destructive Minds.

Tagline : "Their thoughts can kill!"

ScannersAnother Cronenberg film, about people exhibiting unusual abilities. This one stars Patrick McGoohan as Dr Paul Ruth, who's been studying a group of people known as 'scanners'. Born with a genetic abnormality, after their parents took an experimental tranquiliser called Ethemerol, they can not only read people's minds, but their thoughts can also control others and even kill.

When a rogue scanner named Revok (played by notorious screen baddie Michael Ironside in an early role), kills Dr Ruth's chief test subject with his telekinetic powers, he recruits a young homeless man, Cameron Vale (Stephen Lack), who also has scanning abilities, to fight back.

Trying to track down Revok, he comes across various other scanner groups, only to find Revok's waging a war against them in a battle for supremacy. Leading to some exceptionally gory scenes of heads exploding, and people being telepathically thrown across rooms.

But, there's a reason why Revok and Vale are more powerful than the others and whilst Dr Ruth appears to be the good guy in this, seems he hasn't been entirely honest and there's a very good reason why Revok is waging his own private war against Dr Ruth and his scanner program...

Released back in 1981, this is certainly one of the more action packed of Cronenberg's films. This one is certainly very enjoyable and a must for Cronenberg fans. The film later spawned a couple of sequels and spin off's, which are watchable, but are not a patch on this. So you might just want to stick with the original here.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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