Alternate titles : Return of the Living Dead 3 : Cursed Experience. Battalion 3. Mortal Zombie.

Tagline : "Back from the dead and hungry for more."

Return of the Living Dead 3 Totally different in style from it's predecessors, this third film in the series sort-of follows on with the same theme, in that the Military have a number of dead bodies housed in barrels, which are reactivated by a green gas. However where this film differs, is the absence of comedy, and the addition of exceptionally nasty gore scenes, with the film played as a straight horror picture.

A specialist army scientific unit, under the direction of Col. John Reynolds (Kent McCord), have been developing new weapons that they hope can combat the living dead should another zombie plague brake out. In order to test their new super-gun, they reactivate a corpse using the green Tri-Oxin gas and attempt to neutralise it with their new weapon.

However, unbeknown to them the Colonel's son Curt (J. Trevor Edmond) and his girlfriend Julie (Mindy Clarke) have stolen his pass card and been secretly watching. The experiment appears to work, but as the army technicians pack up their equipment, the supposedly neautralised corpse re-activates and attacks the army crew, resulting in a bloodbath.

Fleeing from the base on their motorbike, Curt is involved in accident and Julie is killed in the crash. So Curt, in a state of shock, breaks into the base again and brings her back to life using the gas. Colonel Reynolds finds out what has happened and sets out to track them down before the inevitable happens, but matters are complicated by an ambitious army scientist, Leiutenant Colonel. Sinclair (Sarah Douglas), who arrives with orders to replace Reynolds, and wishes to use the zombies as biological weapons.

Meanwhile Julie develops a strange body piercing fetish, and then proceeds to go around munching on people and spreading the zombie plague, which includes a street tramp, a convenience store clerk, a cop and the members of the street gang.

If you were expecting more ghoulish giggles, like in the previous films, then you're in for a disappointment, as it seems to be more akin to Re-Animator than to the previous movies, but then the film was directed by Brian Yuzna, so that would explain that. As a stand alone movie it's great, there's plenty of blood, gore and zombie mayhem, but as the third part of a trilogy it appears alienated from it's predecessors.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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