Alternate titles : Damn it, the zombies are coming.

Tagline : "They're back, they're hungry...and they're NOT vegetarian."

Return of the Living DeadA hugely funny, tongue-in-cheek, action packed zombie pic. In which, several army barrels, being housed in the basement of a medical supply depot, accidentally crack open and emit a foul smelling green gas. After being released into the atmosphere and mixing with a shower of polluted rain, strange things begin to stir in the nearby cemetery.

This spells trouble for the people working late at the supply depot and even more so for the gang of punk rockers partying nearby in the graveyard, as the dead awake and go on the rampage, looking to feed on human brains.

After being chased around the graveyard several times to the tune of "Party Time" by 45 Grave, the 2 different groups end up sheltering at the cemetery's mortuary building, where the pistol-packing attendant helps them to fend off the army of zombies, as they're laid under siege.

Some of the more memorable scenes include a couple of paramedic units getting attacked and eaten, along with the police riot squad as they move in to try and pacify the area (no such luck!) and two of the besieged group breaking out and riding round in an acquired police car, mowing down zombies as they try to reach help.

Basically an unofficial rip-off of Night of the Living Dead (often mistaken as being a sequel, which it isn't) this is undoubtedly one of the BEST pictures to successfully combine horror and comedy in just the right proportions, as at times you don't know whether to laugh or scream. There's gore galore and plenty of black humour, which is all delivered in the WORST possible taste, combined with nail-biting action that all horror fans will love.

There's also an excellent punk rock soundtrack and, as an added bonus, horror scream queen Linnea Quigley appears throughout virtually the whole film wearing nothing but a G-string and a pair of leg warmers. It's no wonder that this film is one of my personal favourites.

Overall Marks : 8/10.

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