Alternate titles : Re-Animator 3

Tagline : "They thought prison would be the death of him. But for Herbert West, Death is only the beginning"

Beyond Re-AnimatorJeffrey Combs returns as Dr Herbert West in this long awaited 3rd instalment of the Re-Animator series by director Brian Yuzna. It's been 13 years since the manical Dr West last reeked havoc with his bizarre experiments on the dead, and since that time has been languishing in jail.

That's not to say that he hasn't been busy. Having been conducting experiments on the prisons rat population, using crudely fashioned instruments that he's built in his cell. But he really gets his chance to pick up where he left off when he is assigned to help the new doctor Howard Phillips (Jason Barry) in the prison infirmary.

As it turns out, Dr Philips is familiar with West's handiwork and his new work assignment is no co-incidence either. So fairly soon West is back in business, and experimenting on dead inmates with the help Dr Philips. Leading to all sorts of hilarious consequences when the sadistic chief Warden (Simon Andrea) finds out, and the prison erupts into a full blown riot near the end.

Darkly humoured and in much the same vein as the previous 2 films, Beyond Re-Animator is a highly enjoyable sequel. Although perhaps not as gory as its predecessors, it still manages to be as entertaining, and it's good to see Jeffrey Combs back as Dr West after all these years. Sharper eyed viewers may also recognise Spanish actress Elsa Pataky in this, who went on to appear in the "Fast and Furious" films.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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