Re-Animator 2 title

AKA: Bride of Re-Animator, Re-Animator 2 : Bride of Re-Animator.

Tag Line :'s a scream

Re-Animator 2Set some 8 months after the events of part 1, and contrary to what appeared to happen to Dr Herbert West, he did indeed survive the ordeal at the Miskatonic hospital morgue (with Jeffrey Coombes reprising his original role), and is still working with his partner Dr Dan Cain (played once more by Bruce Abbott).

They have been spending the elapsed time since the first film, working as medical missionaries in Peru, where a vicious civil war has erupted (cue lots of bloody surgery scene's and Dr West taking on the whole invading army with his pistol when the camp is overrun). The war has been providing Dr's West and Cain with plenty of specimens to experiment with, thus allowing them to improve and refine the re-animation agent.

Believing he can create the perfect woman, they both return home and take up positions back at the Miskatonic hospital, giving Dr West the opportunity to steal various body parts from the morgue, in order to build his creation.

Unfortunately, things start to go wrong for poor Herbert when a bungling detective starts to investigate his antics at the hospital and finds out what he's been up to, and subsequently ends up going the same way as the late Dr Hill. To make matters worse Dr Hill's head (David Gale again) is re-activated by an investigating doctor who's been experimenting with some of West's Re-Animation agent in the police evidence room, who then goes onto enlist the help of the re-animated police officer and the zombies left over from the last film, which currently reside in the hospitals loony bin.

More darkly humoured antics follow, as Dr West goes around building bizarre creations out of spare body parts, Dr Hill has a pair of bat wings attached to his severed head and goes flying round Herbert's house, and finally Dr West's creation "Gloria" comes to life, only to reject his advances and get the hots for Dr Cain instead.

As you can gather, this is basically a rather cheeky reworking of "The Bride of Frankenstein". The gore in this movie is still quite phenomenal, although not quite as much as part 1 (well the uncut version anyway). I really enjoyed this film and think it's virtually as good as the first.

Overall marks : 6/10

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines, "Till death us do part" and "Date, mate, re-animate".

  • Brian Yuzna takes the directors chair this time. The film was originally entitled "Bride of Re-Animator", but for the UK market the distributors re-titled it to plainly "Re-Animator 2".

  • Kathleen Kinmont who plays "Gloria the Bride" also appeared in "Halloween 4 : The Return of Michael Myers" . She and fellow Re-Animator babe Barbara Crampton also starred togethor in the teen comedy "Fraternity Vacation".

  • The original cut of the film fell foul of the US ratings board, the MPAA, who insisted on trimming, or toning down, all of the bloodier scenes. The uncut version was later released on a special edition DVD by Pioneer, which also included the R-rated version, though this is currently out-of-print.

  • The current US DVD by Artisan is apparently of the uncut/unrated version, though lacks the special features contained on the Pioneer release.

  • The UK DVD was passed uncut by the BBFC, but was of the R-rated US theatrical version.

  • A couple of additional scenes were filmed but ultimately not used. These featured an extra intro scene, flashing back to part 1 and showing Dan trying to re-animate Meg and scene were the detective finds Dr Hill's head on display at a carnival sideshow. Rough cuts of these were included on the previous US DVD by Pioneer.

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