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Tagline : "The undisputed plasticweight championship of the world!"

Puppet Master Vs Demonic ToysFollowing on from what was one of the worst films in the Puppet Master series (ie The Legacy), comes what is arguably one of the most fun. Which sees the notorious killer puppets taking on the evil toys from another one of Full Moon Pictures horror series.

Corey Feldman stars as Robert Toulon, the great-grand nephew of infamous puppet master Andre Toulon (if you don't know who that is, go watch the other films NOW). Much like his late relative, Robert and his daughter Alex (Danielle Keaton), have also developed an over riding fascination with puppets and dolls and have acquired a set of his Great-Uncle's puppets, together with his magic formula, and used it to bring them to life (I'm guessing these are a duplicate set, as he says he picked these up in France, whereas the puppets from the other films are still at the Bodega Bay Inn, in California).

The bad news is that the company behind those Demonic Toy creations, wants him, the puppets and the formula for their own nefarious ends. Though this proves to be easier said than done, as their attempts to seize them are thwarted by Toulon's puppets, who burst into action when masked intruders break into their shop.

It seems Sharpe Toys have a new range of Xmas Pals toys, which is going to make this Christmas seem more like Halloween for the poor kids across America, and only Robert, with the help of the puppets and a friendly female cop, Sgt Russel (Silvia Suvadova), with whom Robert has taken a liking, can stop them.

Originally made for the Sci-Fi channel, this one is certainly a lot lightter in tone and has a lot more humour than the other Puppet Master films. However, I still consider it to be extremely good fun, particularly where the puppets and toys are scrapping at the end. Corey Feldman, who is no stranger to horror comedies, is aptly cast as Robert Toulon, as is Vanessa Angel (that girl out of "King Pin") who plays one of the evil company bosses . In some ways it kind of reminded me of "Halloween 3 : Season of the Witch", which also featrued a fiendish company making novelties that would give the kids a nasty shock.

But anyway, it's all good fun, so just enjoy the movie.

Overall Marks : 6.5/10.

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