Puppet Master: The Legacy (Part 8)

Tag line : Now the legacy can be told!

Puppet MasterIf you've read my reviews of the previous films, you'll know that many of them don't exactly follow directly on from each other, which often creates a bit of confusion. Not just for the casual viewer, but even for the most die-hard fan of the series.

So it was with this in mind the film makers decided to try and make a film that would tie all the previous movies together and try and fill in the blanks between stories. Well, that was what they said anyway. In reality, what we have here is basically a collection of clips from all the previous movies loosely spun around a new story, which basically amounts to a half-dozen or so new scenes.

The plot this time centres around some rather unsavoury female character named Maclain (Kate Orsini), who, like so many bad guys before her, is trying to discover the secrets behind how Andre Toulon brought his puppets to life.

Breaking into the old Bodega Bay Inn (the hotel where most of the previous films took place), she forces the old man who's running the place, Eric Weiss (Jacob Witkin), to tell him everything he knows about Andre Toulon and his puppets. What follows is basically a recap of all the events of the previous films, in approximate chronological order (remember that some of the previous films were prequels), starting with the previous movie, "Retro Puppet Master", and working its way up to the last of the modern day sequels, "Curse of the Puppet Master".

Whilst it does tie up one or two loose ends, like what has happened to young Rick from parts 4 & 5, it doesn't explain how come Toulon was a kind old man in most films, yet appeared to be a raving psycho in part 2. Or the fact that the puppets appear bad in some films or good in others. It sure as hell doesn't explain how come, if the guy from part 6 had acquired the original puppets, how come they're now back at the hotel (I'm still working on the assumption that they were an identical set, which would explain that).

Plus it still does not address the messed up timeline issue of Toulon supposedly shooting himself in either 1939 or 1941 depending on the film, yet the intro to part 7 somehow taking place in 1944 (?????). In fact you could argue that this film creates more questions than it answers as it doesn't exactly explain how this Eric Weiss became the next puppet master, or how the Bodega Bay Inn manages to pay its bills for that matter, considering it always seems empty and closed in almost every film it features in.

Clocking in at just over 1hr 10mins, this is not only the shortest of all the films, but is also the weakest, being almost entirely comprised of clips from the previous films. Plus there's the whole business of the ending, which just doesn't make any real sense (but don't want to go into details as I don't want to spoil it for those who might still want to see this). It has been claimed that Full Moon Pictures were having financial difficulties at the time, and that this release was just hastily slapped together to turn a fast buck. But either way, unless you are a die hard fan of the series I would be inclined to give this one a miss.

Overall marks 4/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Released the same year as Guy Rolfe's death, who played Andre Toulon in most of the sequels.

  • Only Puppet Master film to be released under Full Moon Pictures "Shadow Entertainment" label.

  • For the film's score, they reused musical cues from the previous movies.

  • Only film in the series to be directed by producer Charles Band.

  • Jacob Witkin also played Cyril in the "Evil Bong" films. He also starred in the other Charles Band productions "Dr Moreau's House of Pain", and "Gingerdead Man 2 : Passion of the Crust".

  • Only film in the series not to have end credit titles.

  • Only about 30 mins of the film features new material, the rest was made up entirely of footage from the previous movies.

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