Alternate titles : Pumpkinhead 4, Pumpkinhead : Blood Feud.

Tagline : "Vengeance Will Be His!!!"

Pumpkinhead 4 : Blood FeudFilmed back-to-back with Part 3, this story revolves a long standing feud between 2 families of farmers, the Hatfields and the McCoys (no, SERIOUSLY). The bitter rivalry between them has been going on for generations, but things really get out of hand one evening when a couple of the Hatfields accidentally kill one of the younger McCoy sisters.

As a result, her older Brother Ricky goes to see the old witch in the woods (there appears to be one of these living near every small country town it seems), and shortly afterwards, Pumpkinhead is back on the loose, on a mission to wipe out the Hatfield clan. But this proves to be not such a good idea, as Ricky has been secretly seeing young Jody Hatfield, and she is less than happy about having her whole family wiped out just so that they can be together.

With Pumpkinhead busy carving his way through the Hatfields in loving detail, and attempts to stop the creature predictably failing, the rest of the McCoys decide to call a truce to see if they can stop this creature together. The local Sheriff also seems to have some prior history with this creature and may have an answer, but neither side may like what he has to say...

Lance Henricksen is back as the ghost of Ed Harley, and the film also stars Rob Freeman (The Dead) as the Sheriff. Slightly different in style and tone from the previous movie, being written and directed this time by Michael Hurst, I found this to be quite good fun, though I think preferred Part 3 better. It was good to see Lance Henricksen in this again anyway. If you enjoyed the other films, you should enjoy this.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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