Alternate titles : Pumpkinhead 3, Pumpkinhead : Ashes to Ashes.

Tagline : "Dead, Buried and Back with a Vengeance."

Pumpkinhead 3 : Ashes to AshesThis somewhat belated third film in the Pumpkinhead series (coming some 13 years after part 2) stars horror veteran Doug Bradley as a small town doctor, who along with the family that runs the local funeral home, has been making money on the side by secretly harvesting organs from the bodies that pass through their businesses, then dumping them in the swamp.

When they eventually get found out, the locals are extremely unhappy to say the least, and despite the Sheriff arresting them, aren't convinced that the law will do anything to them. Notwithstanding, one local resident, Molly Sue Allen (Tess Panzer), goes with her family to visit the old witch that lives in the forest to see about summoning up Pumpkinhead, who they believe will sort them out for them (does every small country town have one of these witches then?).

Lance Henricksen returns as the ghost of Ed Harley (his character from the first film), who tries to warn them against summoning up the demon, but to no avail. As pretty soon, Pumpkinhead is on the rampage once more, carving his way through the guys from the funeral home, whilst the Doc (Doug Bradley) is busy trying to kill the family that summoned him. Believing that doing so will stop it.

Directed by Jake West (Evil Aliens), this was originally made for the US TV networks and pretty much ignores the events of Part 2, instead following more closely the story of original film. Personally, I really enjoyed this and found it to be terrific fun. If you liked the original "Pumpkinhead" you should enjoy this, there was a slight element of dark humour, but wouldn't call this a comedy of such. It was certainly good to see Lance Henricksen in this again in any case.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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