Alternate titles : Night of the Demons 3

Tagline : "You can check in any time, but you can never leave..."

DescriptionThird film in the "Night of the Demons" series, which for some strange reason was released simply as "Demon House" outside of the US and marketed as a standalone film, has a group of youths, lead by a rather unlikeable chap named Vince (Kris Holden-Ried), who are on their way to a Halloween party. When they get into an argument with a couple of cops at a convenience store and he inadvertanlty shoots one of them.

Taking off in their van, they decide to hide from the police by ducking inside the old Hull Funeral Home (the setting of the previous films). But despite one of them, Reggie (Joel Gordon) having been wounded and needing a doctor, Vince forces them in at gunpoint, where they're met by the mysterious Angela (Amelia Kinkade reprising the role from the other films).

Surprised to find someone living in what they thought was a derelict house, Vince goes off to check the rest of the building. Whilst Angela (who, even if you hadn't seen the other films, would already know is a demon from the films prologue) wastes no time charming her way round the rest of the group, as a prelude to killing them off and turning them into more demons, who proceed to attack the others. Whilst a couple of the girls, Abbie and Holly, try to escape with the wounded Reggie.

Overall a fairly enjoyable film, though there were several plotholes that did kind of bug me, such as where the girls had several chances to escape, but deciding not to due to various plot contrivances which kind of bugged me. Also, I'm not sure the humour aspect worked as well this time. If you haven't seen the other movies, you can watch this without needing to know what happened before, as it doesn't bring too much baggage from the earlier films and viewed on its own merits works fine as your typical haunted house film.

But if you liked the other 2 "Night of the Demons" films, or you like low budget horrors like "Slumber Party Massacre", then give this a go, you can't go wrong.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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