Alternate titles : Night of the Demons 2, Night of the Demons 2 : Angela's Revenge.

Tagline : "Angela's back, and she's throwing another party. Trick or treat suckers!"

Night of the Demons : Angela's RevengeSeveral years on from the events of the previous film and another group of teens decide to hold a Halloween party at the old Hull House Funeral Home, where the previous massacre took place (not a good plan). One of them, Melissa (Merle Kennedy), happens to be the younger sister of Angela, the girl who organised the last ill-fated party there, and is less than happy about being tricked into coming to the building where her sister and her friends died.

It turns out that Angela's body was the only one not recovered from that fateful night, and local legends persist that she still haunts the building. These legends turn out to be true, much to the groups dismay, as Angela (Amelia Kincade reprising her earlier role) subsequently reveals herself and proceeds to kill, or possess (or both), everyone there.

The surviving members wisely decide not to stick around, so they run back to their boarding school for help. With Melissa still trapped in the building, they turn to chief nun at the school, Sister Gloria (Jennifer Rhodes) for assistance, who quickly arms them with crucifixes and super soakers loaded with holy water, before leading the group back to Hull House to try and rescue her.

Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, who also gave us some of those 'wonderful'(?) "Leprechaun" films, this was a really fun follow up to the original. The end battle, with Sister Gloria and the kids from the school battling the demons with balloons and super soakers filled with holy water was highly amusing, and I couldn't help but wonder if Robert Rodriguez didn't borrow a few ideas from this when he was making "From Dusk till Dawn", which came out a couple of years after and featured a similar end battle.

The emphasise does seem be more on the comic aspects of the story this time, though that's not a bad thing. Though I'm not quite sure why the UK release missed out the "Part 2" from the title, which also gained the sub-title "Angela's Revenge", which isn't on the American release. Anyway, this should appeal to fans of the original, if you like comic horrors, you can't go wrong.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

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