The Mutilator title

AKA: Fall Break

Tag Line : By Pick, By Axe, By Chainsaw...Bye Bye.

The MutilatorAnother example of an early 80's horror to jump on the "Friday the 13th" bandwagon was this tentatively titled low budget slasher film from 1985, by unknown director Buddy Cooper.

A group of teenagers are wondering what to do with themselves during the school holidays when one of them, Ed (Matt Mittler), gets a phone call from his estranged father asking him to lock up his old beach house for the winter as he's been taken ill.

Ed is initially reluctant, having never got on with his father, but his friends convince him to go saying they can make a week long party of it. Loading up with beer and supplies, they head on over to the beach hut, where they begin to prepare for some heavy drinking.

But as darkness falls, it seems the quiet coastal resort isn't as completely deserted as they thought. As one by one, they head out to explore deserted beaches, and end up meeting a rather grisly demise at the hands of some psychotic old man who's hiding underneath the house.

Not the best slasher film of it's time, the film has a particularly cheesy feel to it. Not least because of the hammy acting and corny intro music that gives it the initial misleading appearance of being a teen comedy. A stark contrast to the exceptionally graphic killings that take place on screen, during the rest of the feature.

The gorier highlights including a decapitation, impalement through the throat by garden fork, a machete's in the face, and one poor unfortunate girl getting a boat hook between the legs (though this was heavily truncated in earlier UK versions) as well as some person even getting an outboard propeller motor in the guts..

As long as you love tacky 80's slasher B-movies, you'll find this highly enjoyable popcorn fodder,

Overall marks : 5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "He Stands Supreme", "Their horrifying vacation was no day at the beach!"

  • The beach house used in the film still exists, and is located at Atlantic Beach, in North Carolina.

  • The US theatrical version was heavily cut, which toned down most of the gore to secure an "R" rating. Most notably the scene where one girl gets a boat hook between the legs. Both the cut R rated version and uncut unrated version have been released on video in the US.
  • Lead actor Matt Mitler also played 'Arty' in "Basket Case 2". He has also formed his own theatre group "Dzieci", and provides several voices for the English dubbed version of the "Pokemon" cartoon series.

  • The UK video released in 1993 was similarly cut to the old US theatrical version, which removed 26s of gore. The UK DVD and VHS re-issue in 2000, dubbed "The Extreme Version", was more complete and only missed out 7s of cuts from the "Boat Hook" scene, as this fell foul of the BBFC's "Sexual Violence" policies. The film was later released uncut to UK BD and DVD by Arrow films.

  • The Danish video release by Vipco in the early 90's was fully uncut. The German DVD by Dragon was uncut, but full screen and part of the intro titles appear to have been taken from a grainy VHS source.

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