Alternate titles : Night of the Intruder, Night Crew, Night Crew : The Final Checkout, Bloodnight, Terror Without A Face.

Tagline : "A new dimension in terror"

IntruderThe nightshift workers at a suburban supermarket are busy going about their duties, when they get an unwelcome customer. This turns out to be a chap named Craig (David Byrnes), the ex-boyfriend of one of the cashiers who's fresh out of jail and decided to pay his ex-girlfriend Jennifer (Elizabeth Cox) a visit before closing time.

He promptly starts brawling with the staff, and after a quick struggle, is ejected from the building. The police are called, but shortly after they leave the manger gets the impression that someone is still hanging around out back. Unfortunately though, he doesn't get the chance to tell anybody about it.

The store workers continue on with their jobs, oblivious to their unwelcome visitor, and consequently end up getting dispatched in some rather gruesome fashions. Which includes one staff member getting his head shoved down on a spike, another member getting his head put through a bandsaw whilst others are knifed, hung on meathooks and crushed in the waste compactor.

Of course it is kind of difficult to take all this seriously, as the gore is done in a very slapstick manner in much the same vein as the Evil Dead films, so it comes as no surprise to learn that the director, Scott Spiegel, actually worked on the first 2 Evil Dead films with Sam Raimi. The coincidences don't end there either, the special effects were done by the same make up crew, namely KNB FX, and Sam Raimi, actually co-stars as one of the supermarket workers, alongside his brother Ted Raimi (you know, the bloke who plays "Joxer", the idiot in Xena and Hercules), and to top it all off Bruce Campbell turns up in a cameo role as a police officer.

On the outset, the film appears to be an average run-of-the-mill stalk and slash thriller, however as it gets going you sort of get the impression this is a more of a tongue-in-cheek, darkly humoured, horror spoof. As far as slasher films go, it's a very average production, but if you try not to take the film too seriously and see it for what it is, a light hearted horror rompus, it's actually kind of entertaining in a dark sort of way. It's certainly worth watching, even if only to see Sam Raimi getting (literally) butchered on screen.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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