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Tagline : "Torn from the Tomb to Terrify the World!!!"

The Mummy (1959)Hammer films might have previously sought to distance themselves from earlier adaptations of Frankenstein and Dracula by putting their own spin on things. But when they decided to do a film version of The Mummy, opted for an outright remake of the old Universal films.

Starting off in Egypt in the late 1800s (though probably the back lot of Bray Studios), a group of archaeologists are busy unearthing the ancient tomb of Princess Ananka, when they are approached by the stereotypical Egyptian priest, warning them not to go inside. Having politely told him to "mind his own business", they venture in and discover Ananaka's Sarcophagus, which they duly remove and put on display in the British museum in London.

Some 3 years later and the members of that expedition start getting killed off in mysterious circumstances, by some rather large and exceptionally strong, which coincided with the arrival of a mysterious Egyptian in the neighbourhood.

Yes, it turns out there's a murderous Mummy named Kharis on the rampage (played by Hammer regular Christopher Lee) who, along with the strange Egyptian fellow, is looking to kill all those who desecrated Ananka's sacred tomb. Unless the former expidition leader John (played by fellow Hammer regular Peter Cushing) and the others can find some way of stopping them.

Equally as enjoyable as Hammer film's other Horror adaptations, which re-unites Hammer regulars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee with director Terence Fisher. This one is required viewing for fans of Hammer's previous works and lovers of classic horror movies.

Overall Marks : 8/10.

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