Alternate titles : Madman Marz, The Killing Axe, The Schizophrenic

Tagline : "If you say his name above a whisper...he'll come for YOU!"

MadmanYet another 80's slasher film, with more than a passing resemblance to "Friday the 13th", in which a group of hapless teens at a summer camp (how original) end up getting massacred by a maniac wielding an axe .

Whilst sat around the campfire one evening, one of the older counsellors at a youth summer camp tells the others about a local legend named Madman Mars, who supposedly haunts the surrounding woods and if you say his name louder than a whisper, he'll come get you with his trusty axe. Notwithstanding, one of the drunken counsellors proceeds to immediately starts yelling "Come on and get us Madman Mars" and pelts a rock at the nearby derelict farmhouse that he supposedly lived in many years ago (not a good idea)!

The film wastes practically no time getting on with the subsequent gore, as the enraged Madman duly emerges from the trees and follows them back to camp, where he proceeds to pick them off one-by-one. The counsellors don't exactly do themselves any favours in this respect by heading into the woods alone to look for their missing friends, only to meet a similarly grisly fate. Some of the more interesting gory highlights include one of the counsellors getting an axe in the chest, and another being decapitated by his car bonnet whilst trying to fix the engine.

Many horror fans will undoubtedly know this as being the only other horror film that Gaylen Ross (from Dawn of the Dead) has appeared in. Whilst the film may not be a horror classic, it is still a hugely enjoyable slice of 80's slasher mayhem!

Overall Marks : 6/10.

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